My TSH is 5.35, thyroid peroxidase is 329 and my free T4 is 1.2. Do I need medicine. Also sestamibi scan shows I have adenoma.

Hashimoto's. Hi. You have subclinical Hashimoto's by those labs. Who did a sestamibi scan for your thyroid? We don't do that in the US...oh, ARE in the US! Sestamibi scan can show a "cold" area, but CANNOT diagnose an adenoma. That takes cytology or surgical biopsy. As for treatment, in my opinion, there is no reason to wait for you to become symptomatically hypothyroid to start thyroid hormone.

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Could eltroxen 200 cause weight loss from 64to 60 during 1 year after thyroid remove? My TSH is. 03 free T4 is 1.8 (.8-1.5) I had hurthel adenoma

High dose. 200 mcg of thyroid hormone is too much for most people. The low TSH and high free T4 confirm that you need to be on less thyroid medication. If your primary doctor does not know what to do, you should see an endocrinologist. Weight loss can occur when you are too much medication. Also palpitations, weakening of the bones, trouble sleeping, shakiness, and other hyperthyroid symptoms. Read more...