My testosterone level was 325. Could I benefit from taking DHEA supplement? I have ED problems and low sex drive. I also have charcot marie tooth

Complicated. There are many sub types of CMT (HSMN) The relationship to ED depends on the type and the degree of involvement of afferent and efferent nerves. The use of male hormones depends on many factors and should be done under strict medical supervision. I'd start with a urologist and have them consult with your neurologist after doing a good exam. Lets get these problems taken care of.
Testosterone Too Low. GaryN, a testosterone level of 325 is too low for a 34 year old male. This could be contributing to both your ED and your decreased sex drive. DHEA can help some patients, but why not discuss formal treatment with testosterone with your primary physician? I am not aware of a connection with CMT, but sleep issues related to obstructive sleep apnea or insomnia from PTSD could also be contributors.

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Reasons for low sex drive in middle age man in good health, and normal testosterone level?

Normal. Probably nothing physically wrong. Interests change over time. Quit pathologizing. Read more...
Many possibilities. Stress ranks high up there. In this day & age, worry about finances, mortgage, job security, etc can distract & decrease one's libido. Worry about family & friends can do so, too. If you're not happy in your relationship w/your partner, it's difficult to be sexually interested. Despite being in "good" health, bad lifestyle choices like smoking, excess alcohol & other illicit drugs can decr libido. Read more...