How can I prevent glaucoma?

See your eye doc. Yearly eye exams by an experienced practioneer will allow early detection of risk and treatment.
You cant. A lot of research has been conducted to discover the causes of glaucoma. Some causes (injury, chronic use of corticosteroids) can be avoided, whereas others are not (aging, positive family history of glaucoma, thin corneas). The best preventative action is through comprehensive screeing & regular follow up visits to check the health status of your eyes. The number one risk is elevated eye pressure.
Difficult. Only proven therapies right now is aiming for ocular hypotension in those whose eye pressure is too high for their nerve. Neuroprotection is being studied. No known studied specific lifestyle changes to prevent glaucoma at this time.
Examinations. There are no dietary or lifestyle alteratins which can prevent glaucoma. The only way to deal with it is regular examinations by your ophthalmologist. Treatment is useful and frequently will control any problems.
Regular checkups. Glaucoma is usually silent, and can cause vision loss without warning. Regular measurements of eye pressure, as well as close evaluation of the optic nerve, with serial photographs, optical tomography, and other techniques, as well as visual fields, help monitor for glaucoma, much like monitoring for hypertension. Maintaining healthy weight and aerobic exercise, preventing diabetes, also help.
Depends,mostly can't. Most glaucoma is genetic which you can't really do anything. There are some glaucoma which are secondary to trauma. So i suppose you can avoid getting trauma to the eye.

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How can I prevent glaucoma from recurring?

Treating. Glaucoma can be controlled with therapy in that the rate of vision loss is slowed so that there is no significant vision change in a person's lifetime. Secondary glaucomas can be prevented if the underlying diseases such as neovascular glaucoma due to diabetes, avoiding trauma (traumatic glaucoma), etc. Are controlled. Read more...
Depends. Most glaucoma is genetic and since there's no cure, once you have it, you have it, and it can't recur. However, if its secondary, then you can takes steps to stop it from recurring, depending on the cause. Ask your eye doctor to help you. Read more...
Can't. Glaucoma does not go away . The diagnosis is for a lifetime and needs constant monitoring and treatment. Read more...

How can I prevent and detect early glaucoma?

No prevention. Is known for glaucoma. If you are concerned about glaucoma, then see an ophthalmologist (eye md) annually for a complete examination. We can detect glaucoma before any vision is lost. Read more...