How long does the genital herpes virus live on the sheets outside of the body?

Not long. Viruses require living cells in which to propagate in order to remain viable. As soon as they are expelled as free virus they will not last long against environmental conditions. If living cells containing virus are excreted, they too will not survive very long. This is one of the reasons that there is seldom if ever transmission of these agents by inanimate objects.

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Normally, how long would the genital herpes virus live outside of the body?

Not long. On most surfaces, maximum survival is measured in a matter of seconds. It may be prolonged on warm, wet surfaces, but it still remains a very delicate virus outside the body.

Help doctors! What're the widespread effects on/in the body of genital herpes virus 2?

None. Unless your immune system is compromised there should be no systemic problems from this infection.

Is it possible to pass the genital herpes virus through breastfeeding?

Not. The herpes virus generally passes through contact from an infected lesion to broken skin or mucus membrane. You wouldn't want to expose the baby (or anybody) to an open sore or contaminated hands or objects.
Not. Only germs that enter your blood have the potential to enter your breast milk. This one will not. This germ passes through direct skin to skin contact.

Is the genital herpes virus present in your urine, saliva, semen etc.?

No. In people with genital herpes, the virus is only present in the infected skin and the nerves supplying that area. It cannot be transmitted through urine or saliva, and probably not semen.

Can the genital herpes virus be passed to a baby through breast feeding?

Only.... ..If, through poor hygiene, virus-contaminated secretions are smeared by unwashed hands on the breast.
No. As long as there are no lesions or outbreaks that occur on the breast and you wash your hands after using the bathroom, there you should not be able to transmit the virus.

Can I get genital herpes by using someones lipstick? And can genital herpes virus survive on lipsticks?

I'm sure the virus. Stays alive for a while but I'm not sure if it's hours or days. Best not to put your lips to anything that a person with an active cold sore has recently touched.
YouGivingMeSomeLip?? Now wait a minute. You think you might get genital Herpes using lipstick? I think maybe you are getting your lips confused. But anyways, in general this pesky virus can't last too long away from a nice warm body part. How long? Hard to say. I'd say you'd have to directly transmit the virus from lips to lips in order to have a chance, very small, of getting it. Anyways, use general hygiene common sense.