Can anxiety cause my heart to be suddenly extra sensitive to sugar, emotions? Cut caffeine/alcohol. Tests clear, occasional pvcs/PAC's. They scare me!

Extra beats. Occasional PACs or PVCs with normal heart function - nothing to worry about.
Anxiety causes card. anxiety causes cardiac arrhythmias,hyperglycemia, anxiety in young female may result from mitral valve prolapse.may reperasant costochondritis.Cutting caffeine/ alcohol helps in releiving anxiety.May cause palpitations.

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Why heart so irritated? Very frequent pvc/pacs 5-10/min over couple weeks. Stress echo, EKG considered normal. Messing up sleep. No caffeine, alcohol

MAGNESIUM. Check your magnesium levels.if low start taking magnesium tablets.if overweight,lose weight.drink lot of lot of fruits and fresh veg.why are u on ASPIRIN at age of 31?? if you have anxiety disorder as you are taking klonopin, (clonazepam)then it can be a cause do you know that you are having PVCs/PACs? did you get a holter study done?If not,get one done. Read more...
Proven, or felt? Twitching of the intercostal muscles(muscles between the ribs)can feel like an irregular heart beat;if early beats (PACs or PVCs) were not seen on EKG or heart monitor,then a 24hour Holter monitor should record any that occur (mark down times)& look for signs of many beats in a row(SVT = supraventricular tachycardia). Decongestants,electrolytes,thyroid or lung disease can cause, sometimes all OK. Read more...