What kinds of disorders are associated with enlarged kidneys on a fetal ultrasound?

Several. Trisomy 18/13, polycystic renal disease, multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, renal tumors (mesoblastic nephroma) are all possibilities. Expert mfm advice and serial sonography are required.
Many. Enlarged kidneys can be because urine is not draining from the kidney and is backing up into the central part of the kidney, or it can be because the kidney tissue is filled with cysts, or other reasons. Some of these problems can be minor, others can be life-threatening. If you have been told that your baby's kidneys are enlarged, ask to be referred to a maternal fetal medicine specialist.

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22 wk fetal ultrasound completely normal. The doc remarked a tiny thickening of bladder wall. Fluid fine, kidneys and bladder normal. Should I worry?

No Worries. this is an incidental finding, doesn't really mean anything. If your doctor is concerned about it he will follow it with serial ultrasounds. You have enough to worry about being pregnant having diabetes and dealing with life's ever changing challenges. Congratulations on your upcoming child! Read more...