What is episcleritis?

Inflammation.... Of the episclera (lining of the white of the eye). Most often bening. Rarely can be manifestation of automiummune diseases.

Related Questions

What causes episcleritis?

Not always known. Episcleritis is inflammation of the tissue that covers the sclera (white part of the eye). The cause is not always known but it can occur with conditions like syphilis, herpes zoster, tuberculosis, arthritis, etc.

What is iritis or episcleritis?

2 different problems. Iritis is an inflammation of the iris inside the eye. It will cause light sensitivity and eye pain. Episcleritis is inflammation of the episclera, the thin layer of tissue and vessels just below the surface of the white part of the eye. It causes a blood shot eye, usually in one quadrant.

What to do I have episcleritis?

See your eye doctor. To make sure this is the correct diagnosis, this doctor can give you the appropriate treatment.
Continue to treat it. Episcleritis is mostly a non-infected inflammation of the eye surface underneath the conjunctiva usually in one side or the other. It can be uncomfortable but is generally more irritating than painful. It rarely affects the sight. Topical drops can usually treat it well and rapidly. You have probably already seen an ophthalmologist about this since you know the term.

What should I do for episcleritis?

See and eye doctor. You need to make sure it is only episcleritis and not another more serious problem like scleritis or uveitis. Oral nsaids are helpful for episcleritis.