I just used a q tip in my ear and now a very small maybe the size of the font on what I'm typing of blood was on it. Help?

No Q tips. The ear canal has skin which is very thin. So the Qtip made a small rip which bled. The tip here is nothing smaller than the elbow should ever go in your ear.
Ear Trauma. Using Q tips in the ear has the potential of causing perforation of the eardrum if the q tip goes in too far. This is usually accompanied by severe pain so it is unlikely you did this. It is far more likely you irritated the sensitive skin in the ear canal and caused it to slightly bleed. This is not concerning and will heal rapidly. Make sure you are just cleaning the outer part of the ear.
Q tip with blood. You should not be using Q tips in your ear or using any other thing to clean out your ear. It is very easy to damage your ear. The blood was probably from a small abrasion from the Q tip, and should not be a problem unless you get it infected. Be careful.
See MD to evaluate. inserting a q-tip in the ear canal is never recommended. One can damage the lining of the ear canal or even puncture the ear drum. If you are experiencing pain, you should see a physician right away. Ear wax is a natural product of the ear canal & some people produce quite a bit. See a doctor for evaluation even if not having pain to assess the ear & any trauma you may have accidentally caused.