What is the side effect of doxorubicin?

Several effects. Doxorubicin is a powerful medication used in chemotherapy to treat cancer. Like many chemotherapy drugs, it causes side effects including hair loss. The dose has to be managed carefully to avoid damage to the heart. If you have cancer that requires this medication, your doctor will discuss the risks and benefits in more detail. No one is given this medication unless it's really needed.
Nausea, cardiac. Doxorubicin side effects include nausea/ emesis, neutropenia, anemia, hair loss - similar to many chemotherapy medications. The more concerning side effect is cardiac toxicity. This can occur immediately or later on. The risk increases with total doses over~ 450 mg/ m2. Heart function is followed by echocardiograms. Dexrazoxane may be used on some protocols as a cardiac protectant.