Could you contract HSV if someone licked their fingers then fingered you? No sign of cold sore noticed on mouth, and how fast would you get symptoms?

Extremely unlikely. In theory, such indirect exposure could result in transmission. But this happens very rarely, if ever. In busy STD clinics, everyone with genital herpes has had unprotected intercourse (vaginal, anal, or oral); we never see patients whose only exposure was hand-genital contact. Don't worry about it.
Not Likely. The HSV virus is usually most infective when there is a blister growing or on the lip. Genital HSV is type 2. Oral is Type 1. Both have different preference for the location they infect. HSV1 can be transmitted to the genital region. Life cycle of a virus is 14 days. Some people have resistance to the virus and never get the sores.

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