What are allergy eyes?

Shiners. That term is used to refer to the redness that develops when allergic people get exposed to the allergens to which they're allergic, but more commonly referred to "allergic shiners". This is the dark circles under the eyes that result from nasal congestion.
Varied symptoms. Eye allergy symptoms include redness, itching, tearing, thick ropy discharge, grittiness, and puffiness of the eyelids. These symptoms are triggered by exposures to allergens which can include dust mites, mold, pet dander, feathers, cockroaches, and pollen. Taking antihistamines either orally or in the form of eye drops before a known exposure can prevent these symptoms.

Related Questions

What's recommended as a cure for itchy allergy eyes?

Avoidance. If you can avoid the allergens, that's best. If you cannot, a topical antihistamine eye drop would be your best bet. If still unhelpful, see an allergist.
Allergy eye drops. Use topical allergy eyedrops. You may need to get rx from eye doc. Patanol (olopatadine) works well. It also comes as a once a day preparation called pataday.
Allergy treatment. Many times, rinsing the eyes with water removes the allergen and helps a great deal. Rinsing may be used 10 minutes prior to an allergy drop to boost the effectiveness of the drop. Oral anti-allergy tablets can help as well. Some patients receive treatments from an allergist. Avoiding or removing allergens from your environment helps as well. Good luck!

What are the best eye drops for itchy allergy eyes?

Depends. Some people have itchy eyes from irritants & dollar store eye drops/artificial tears wash will do fine. That can also work for some allergic eye issues by washing out the pollen/etc. Allergan makes an OTC "Zadator" which some find helpful. There are others but some try several before they find one that helps and fits their budget.

Without eye drops what are some ways to relieve red allergy eyes?

Flushing with water. Washing the eyelids with lots of water or using a contact lens solution to rinse the eyes can be very helpful when your eyes are really itching and watering. Cool, wet towels on the eyes can also relieve some of the itching. These may not give complete relief though, and that's the time when you need medicine.
Antihistamines. Although not as effective as eye drops, oral antihistamines may offer some relief for red itchy watery eyes.

Which allergy pills are better for someone with allergic conjunctivitis and dry eyes?

? Any of the 2nd generation less sedating antihistamines would do, can't tell which one would work in your case, but if it works, you need to take it regularly, read the labels carefully. You ultimately need to see your doctor / ophthalmologist as you mentioned dryness and redness too which can be something else other than just allergies, meanwhile use lubricant eye drops/artificial tears.

I was wondering what are the best and fast relieving eye drops for itching allergy eyes?

Eye allergy. Over the counter, alaway ; zaditor are safe for long term use. Other eye drops are fine for short term as long as you don't have issues that would Prohibit you from use of decongestants. Besides allergen avoidance, tear replacement to help with dry eye, and good eye wear protection, patanol/pataday, optivar, bepreve, elestat, and Lastacaft (alcaftadine) are usual choices. Some burn or tingle with application.

Bad allergy eyes, have dark circles, I'm times puffy but most of all I have little white dots underneath my eyes and on my eyelids where eyelash grow?

See eye doctor. Since the white dots may be from an infection. However the darks cycles may be from severe and chronic nasal congestion in which case an allergist may be of more help to you.