Why does my nose bleed when I cry?

Dissolving Scab. You must have a scab in your nose from a prior nose bleed. When you cry, you get overflow from the nasolacrimal duct, and tears drain inside as well as outside. This is why our noses run when we cry. The tears would moisten the scab and cause it to disolve and the nose to bleed again. Pinch and hold for one full minute. Better for 5 minutes. Never stuff tissue inside to check, (rips scab away).

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My sister got a nose bleed right after crying. It wasn't serious but she is curious about what caused it?

Nose bleed. Most likely it was not caused by crying itself. It was probably caused by a friable area in the nose that was prone to bleeding alread - or coincidental . If she has gum bleeding or easy bruising, seek in person medical help. . Read more...