What cause fatty liver in chronic alcoholism?

Multiple mechanisms. Mobilization of fat from tissues, depression of protein synthesis in the liver, nutritional deficiencies in chronic alcoholics and direct alcoholic liver injury contribute to accumulation of fat in the liver that may progress to cirrhosis.

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Does chronic alcoholism cause macular degeneration in children?

No. You can get damage to the brain from excess alcohol but no evidence for macular damage has been shown.
Macular degeneration. No alcoholism doesn't cause armd in kids. It can cause fetal alcohol syndrome which can have ophthalmic manifestations. Or the child could have rop if premature which is associated w maternal alcoholism.
Macular degeneration. The usual risk factors are positive family history, cigarette smoking, far sightedness, light iris color, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, female gender, heart disease, and of course aging. To my knowledge alcoholism in a parent doesn't cause macular degeneration in their children, unless the above risk factors apply to the children.

Can alcohol withdrawal symptoms last more than a month? Also can chronic alcoholism cause damage to your central nervous system?

Yes. The physiologic symptoms attributed to alcohol withdrawal can last for weeks particularly in the most severe cases. And it is known that alcoholism is a damaging to the central and peripheral nervous system. It can cause an alcohol related dementia and neuropathy. Some of the nervous symptoms are attributed directly to the neurotoxicity of alcohol others to often found nutritional deficiencies.
Yes & yes. Alcohol. Withdrawal should be done under medical supervision in a rehabilitation unit until the patient is stable. Duration of symptoms depends on duration & severity of drinking, health & size of patient. Alcohol-related brain damage can be loss of coordination, loss of thinking/planning skills, loss of short-term memory & inability to acquire new information. Seek medical care & be safe.
Yes and yes. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms, while most severe the first few days, can persist for months related to imbalances of neurotransmitters- see http://tinyurl. Com/q2z6d98 Certain meds & supplements can reduce symptoms Chronic alcoholism can cause Wernicke's encephalopathy, damage caused by lack of Vit B1, and alcohol can directly damage brain cells, resulting in dementia and neuropathy. See comment: