No fever just soar throat plus white patches on back of tongue along with bumps in back of tongue is it hiv?

Oral white patches. HIV is a viral infection that decreases immunity and presents by having rare unusual infections. Similar infections are seen in diabetes, lupus and other low immunity diseases. Though there is no pain you could have a bacterial infection or a yeast infection, rarely there are tumors in the mouth that appear as patches,or it could be just dehydration/food. Go to doctor,

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My tongue is red in middle, and white on side also white creamy in back with raised bumps in back of tongue is it HIV related and soar throat no fever?

Tongue changes. Hello. The tongue can undergo altered appearances from multiple causes. These conditions vary from dehydration, vitamin deficiencies to varying types of infections. The best advice is to make sure you are drinking enough water and to see your doctor for further evaluation and treatment. Read more...

Had mono test came back negative. Scared it's HIV because soar throat. Also have bumps on back of tongue doc said it's my taste buds inflamed.

Sore throat. You can have a sore throat from many causes, including mono, strept throat and cold, and other viruses. But if you worry that you are at risk for HIV, perhaps you can ask your doctor to test for it so you can have peace of mind, and not be scared if you don't have it. Read more...