What are some side effects from caduet?

Varied. Caduet contains 2 drugs a statin, Atorvastatin and an antihypertensive amlodipine. One can potentially suffer side effects from on e or both. These may includeswelling in the legs , headache, fatigue, dizziness, flushing , nausea , diarrhea to name a few. Muscle aches become more common with the higest dose of the medication.

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What are some side effects from the medicine caduet?

Swelling of the legs. Caduet is a combination of the blood pressure medicine, norvasc, and the cholesterol medicine lipitor (atorvastatin).Norvasc may cause minor swelling of the lwer extremities;lipitor (atorvastatin) may cause muscle aches in some selected individuals;both are minor side effects and reverse with discontinuation of the drug. Read more...