What can I take for an upset stomach if I had a bleeding ulcer in the past?

Doctor. I would seriously consider alling your doctor about this. You can take peptobismol but this could be te ulcer rebleeding.
PEMF units. Use pemf units will reset pain - common cause is indigestion or inflammatory bowel - improve digestion - biotic research has a product called bio-hpl which helps with h. Pylori the common cause for ulcers.

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What should I take for an upset stomach if I have had a bleeding ulcer in the past?

PPI's H2 blockers, (prevacid, protonix, aciphex, (rabeprazole) zantac, tagamet) antacids (maalox), and coating agents (sucralfate). But get treated for h. Pylori. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, aspirin, NSAID drugs (ibuprofen, naprosyn).

If I have had surgery for a bleeding ulcer in my stomach is it possible that it may start bleeding again?

Yes. Depends on the correction and whether area removed, oversewn, bypassed, vagotomy, gastric, duodenal. Etc.
Yes. Although not common, recurrence is a possibility. Be prudent and use antacids and follow a diet that will not promote ulceration. Also be sure that you have been tested for h pylori.

Is a clean base stomach ulcer considered a bleeding ulcer?

Depends. All ulcers bleed some. Many times its minimal and doesn't cause any significant symptoms. If u wr vomiting blood or passing dark tarry stool then yes that ulcer likely bled and stopped.

After an a bleeding ulcer 2 years ago what causes constant acid in your stomach 24/7?

Ulcer. What causes acid is specific cells in your stomach. But you can take Prilosec OTC once or twice a day and this will suppress the amount of acid your making, and help control gastritis, or GERD symptoms.

I think I have a bleeding ulcer. What are all of the signs and symptoms of having a bleeding ulcer in the lower stomach?

Bleeding ulcer. I'm not sure what you mean by lower stomach. But the symptoms of ulcer can be abdominal pain to of your stomach, worse by eating certain type of food or worsening heartburn, or even dizziness if you are actively bleeding or severe pain. So watch your symptoms and act accordingly. A visit to your physician might be necessary.

Severe stomach pain lasted about 10 mins. Could this be a bleeding ulcer?

Not likely. Though possible. In general, ulcers that bleed do not cause pain. And there are many many causes of abdominal pain, other than ulcers, that are much more likely to cause pain. If this is a single episode, it is unlikely that you have a serious problem. If it recurs, consult a doctor immediately. And, depending on location, it could be from your heart too.

I have stomach pain almost every time after I eat and at random points during the day. I'm also very tired and lack energy. Possible bleeding ulcer?

This one is not. Good to guess about. Please seek medical attention. For proper assessment you will need medical history, physical exam and indicated tests. Take care.
Not ulcer. Generally food helps the pain from ulcer disease, not make it worse. If you are not vomiting coffee grounds or having black bowel movements, you probably aren't bleeding. Best to be evaluated by your primary care. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!

I was recently told I was anemic. Last night I had very bad stomach pain since I hadnt eaten in about 4 hrs, once I ate the pain went away now today I have been having very dark runny bowels and im scared its a bleeding ulcer. Should I visit the er?

No, your regular doc. This isn't an emergency, but you do need to figure out what's going on. Whoever found the anemia is the person you need to go back to, and you might need an egd. This is a scope of the upper GI tract, and will find an ulcer if there is one. The way to get an egd is to get referred to a surgeon or gastroenterologist.
See an MD ASAP! Very dark, tarry-looking stools can mean that you have bleeding from an ulcer. If you are dizzy, having cold sweats, or rapid heart beat, you may have seious blood loss. Depending on your age and menstrual history, almost all cases of anemia need to be evaluated for possible intestinal blood loss. If your only immediate source of medical care is an er, it sounds like you should be seen there.

Burning sensation in upper center abdomen. Bit of indigestion. Small amount of blood when passing stool. Sore hemorrhoid. Us it a bleeding ulcer?

Need doctor to check. Abdominal pain can be from many things. Stomach acid problems cause pain, as does pancreatitis or gallstones. Appendicitis is always a concern (pain is usually right lower abdomen, worsens over time). If constipated for a while, stool could have backed up and cause pain. Gastrointestinal infections can cause pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. A doctor's exam is needed, especially if blood in stool.