Is it ok to use betadine on my wound?

Usually yes. Diluted betadine solution is usually safe on a wound. It is commonly used as a disinfectant in surgery.
Betadine. There are over 4000 wound care products. Betadine is not a usual product that we use since it can harm good cells along with killing bacteria. Wounds should be seen by a health care professional as the consequences of a self-treatment failure can be muscle, tendon or bone infection; amputation; hospitalization; or sepsis and death. Do not treat this condition by yourself!
It depends. There are a variety of wound care products available which can be obtained over-the-counter. There are various types of wounds, each requiring a different type of approach for optimal healing. The type of product that one will need depends on the needs and type wound. Consult with your physician as to what would be best for you.