What could lower abdomen pain? Docs already checked for ovarian cancer and did a CT scan? I have IBS but going to bathroom just fine! Thxs

Many things! Lower abdominal pain is common. Some causes: 1.Endometriosis, which causes pain around the time of your period 2.Diverticulitis, which is inflammation of a pocket in your colon 3. Gas, which is common in everyone. 4. Musculoskeletal problems causing muscle spasm 5. Inflammatory bowel disease. See a gynecologist or GI doctor for more help!
Colonoscopy? how did you get to the IBS diagnosis - did you have a workup in the past? Any changes in your BMs? if gyn issues are ruled out then a visit to a gastroenterologist may be in order. may be as simple as trapped gas but you should get a full exam.