Is there a natural remedy for barretts esophagus?

No. . A new procedure called halo is available to treat barrett's esophagus. It uses radio frequency ablation to eradicate the abnormal tissue. A few studies have shown regression of barrett's following lap nissen reflux surgery. This is a serious condition. Make sure that you are evaluated by endoscopy on a regular basis, probably yearly to make sure it is not turning into cancer.
No natural Tx. Unfortunately, Barrett's esophagus is a precancerous condition, and once that momentum towards cancer is established, no natural remedies will stop that momentum, only EGDs with ablations of the precancerous areas.
Not really. Currently, there is no intervention that has been shown to prevent the development of barrett esophagus or its progression to esophageal cancer. Probably, the best remedy is to stop the reflux esophagitis through diet modification, like less spicy foods, less acidic foods like less tomato/tomato sauce, less orange juice, less chocolate. Endoscopic screening and follow-up may be done.

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What's the best treatment for barretts esophagus?

Barrett's. Treatment largely focuses on changes to diet and continued monitoring. Read more...
Treat GERD first . Barrettt's esophagus is a serious disease 10% to 20% of chronic gastrointestinal disease (gerd) patients will develop, is a pre malignant condition with 0.5% chance of developing cancer each year , initially treated with diet , protan pump inhibitors like Prilosec , monitored with biopsies if ulcer fail to heal ant reflux surgery is needed to prevent cancer. Read more...