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I read that there are side effects of using peppermint oil capsules, as with any drug, but are they severe?

Generally Safe. Probably safe in the short term (less than 8 weeks). Heartburn, allergic reactions, flushing, headache and mouth sores are most common. Since peppermint is processed in the liver, check with your physician to make sure that there are no interactions with other medications you are taking that are also processed along similar pathways in the liver.
Peppermint oil. Ingestion of too much peppermint oil can cause nausea/ vomiting, abdominal pain, v heart rate, respiratory problems, dizziness, seizures or loss of consciousness.

Will eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil be any good for skin?

No good evidence fou. Eucalyptus oil is often used for arthritis or steamed to relieve nasal congestion. Peppermint oil can be taken for irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches and nausea and is "possibly effective". Skin is not listed as a use.

I have a yeast infection on my skin. Would peppermint oil capsules or a diluted peppermint oil on the skin work?

See answer. I assume you are referring to the fungal infection of the skin called ringworm (Tinea Corporis). The usual initial treatment is OTC anti fungal creams such as Lamisil (terbinafine) or Lotrimin. Physicians don't prescribe peppermint oil for this. Without seeing the rash I can't vouch for it being a fungal infection. If in doubt consult your physician.

What can cause me to awake at 3 in the morning with a severe throbbing headache? Unilateral, R. side, peppermint oil made worse, maxalt (rizatriptan) helped, by eye

Sleep headache? 22 AA F asks causes of awakening from sleep with throbbing headache R side. I would consider BP increase if on BCPs. Or alcohol, migraine. What is your and family Hx of migraine? I would avoid the OTC treatments and work with your team to find cause. Once cause is found Rx can focus on cause.

Can 2/3 drops of undiluted peppermint oil, and the same amount of undiluted lavender oil, cause any serious systemic effects when applied topically?

Depends. If you are putting it on an open sore or cracked skin, it may not help and may make things worse. Any break in the skin increases absorption into the system of anything put on the skin. Also, a person can be allergic to either one and that is bad, too and this can have systemic effects. For the proper use of herbal products, make sure there is good, unbiased, ad-free research to justify it.

Is it a fact that peppermint oil and lavanda oil in shampoo and conditioner causes moobs?

Gynecomastia. 'Moobs' - man boobs or gynecomastia in males has been reported in prepubertal males wi topical use of products containing lavender oil &/or tea tree oil. I don't know of any association between peppermint oil and gynecomastia. See: http://www. Nih. Gov/news/pr/jan2007/niehs-31.htm.
Highly unlikely. In a man of 79 years of age there are other causes of gynecomastia. Hormonal changes, benign or malignant, sometimes self inflicted may be the primary cause. Weight gain is another important factor. Visit you family doc and discuss your concerns. Good luck from nYC.

Can 4 years of eating candy made of real peppermint oil everyday all the time cause stomach issues or any type of issues with the body?

Does the peppermint. Candy contain sugar or sugar substitutes? That's more the issue. Sugar increases health risks and sugar substitutes are typically toxic to the brain. You are better off snacking on nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc. Peace and good health.