Fullness in stomach, persistent small runny nose, sore throat and sore eyes but no fever. Acid reflux/indigestion. Is Esophagus damaged?

Maybe. Acid reflux can cause inflammation of esophagus, sore throat, abdominal bloatedness and cough specially at night. Try Prilosec otc . See your doctor if this does not work.
Heartburn warning sx. Symptoms that heartburn needs medical evaluation include: Failure to respond to treatment (such as a course of omeprazole or other over-the-counter proton pump inhibitor), pain when swallowing (once a sore throat from viral infection or allergies has passed), difficulty swallowing, vomiting blood, choking on food, black tarry bowel movements or blood in the bowel movement.

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My throat's pain level is 9 @ night & about a 1 or 2 level during the day. Lasted 4 days. Also, runny nose. No fever, no acid reflux. Why?

SEE UR DOCTOR ASAP! This is not normal to have that high level pain, and other symptoms of runny nose, and skin discoloration above ankles, and insufficient Vitamin D3 levels. You need to be seen by your docto to go over how long, what is causing your pain that is interfering with your health & possibly put you in jeopardy.Where is the pain? What caused it? Need to get to the bottom of this SOON.Please report back! Read more...

M 40 yo I cough like I will almost throw up but I don't.2 weeks now. No fever or runny nose. Having bad sore throat 5 days ago. Dr gave antiBio and cough?

Bronchospasm. Assuming you are not a smoker, have sinusitis with cough from postnasal drip, nor diagnosed as having pneumonia, COPD or asthma, you probably have acute bronchitis of viral origin with persisting bronchospasm. This often improves with short-course prednisone & bronchodilator. If not, further evaluation is necessary. Hope that helps. Read more...