Lipid panel done on 05/09/2014, results are:CHOL 246.00 mg/dL.. TGL 78. HDL 43. LDL 187.4: meds and diet by doc not helping, suggestions?

Find and Fix Causes. It is important to determine why the LDL cholesterol is elevated. Your physician will need to check for several inherited and acquired medical conditions that can affect LDL levels. Another alternative is to see a lipidologist (physician specializing in lipid and lipoprotein disorders). You can find a lipidologist at www.Lipidboard.Org (click "verify status", then search your state).
You need a statin. Hi. Your LDL of 187 places you at substantially elevated risk of atherosclerosis (and heart attack, stroke, etc). What's your family history of heart attack? I would have you on a high dose statin (or statin plus ezetimibe) and get your LDL as far down as possible. Your condition is easily treated, and good clinical data show very good risk reduction. Oh, an obviously don't smoke! Good luck!