Can there be more than 102 f temperature in babies in case of viral illness. How many days it takes to recover. Is there need antibiotics?

See Dr. now. If your baby has a fever, you should definitely visit your pediatrician or go to the emergency room for a proper evaluation. Your baby could have an infection which might need to be treated right away. The severity of the fever does not indicate whether it is caused by a virus or bacteria. The baby may require antibiotics. Get this looked at asap!
Fever as one issue. Fever has its benefits. Increasing the heart rate so healing blood factors can circulate & increasing breathing to add more oxygen to the self healing process.Minor viruses can push a babies temp to 105 & run their course over a few days. Abx are never helpful for viruses.Seriousness is often evident from changes in activity, willingness to feed, etc.A happy hot baby is serious as a quiet & sad 1.