After about 40 days of quitting smoking cold turkey were is the body at as far as healing and how long more till your better mentally and physically.?

Awesome! First, going cold turkey is formidable. Going 40 days without smoking is a huge step toward regaining health. The benefits start immediately and accrue each day. Physical deconditioning for any reason takes a toll. However, a person will gain stamina each day he/she walks and increases activity. Improved cognitive function follows. All of this reinforces the huge benefit of being away from toxins.
Better every day. The good news: a few hours after you stop breathing smoke, your body starts healing from its damaging effects. Heart rate drops. Carbon monoxide levels drop to normal. In a few weeks, your lungs work better. Within a year, your risk for heart disease is half what it was. Withing 15 years, you have no greater risk for respiratory cancers than a non smoker.