Can a mans genital warts harm a fetus?

GENERALLY, NO. Genital warts (hpv, human papilloma virus) in a male can not be transmitted to the fetus directly but can infect the mother. Once hpv is established in the pregnant mother, hpv can be transmitted during vaginal delivery, but transmission rates are low. Hpv can infect the vocal cords of the newborn.

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Being threated for genital warts (anus) with aldara (imiquimod). I have muscle pains, and flu like symptoms, but no fever. Can this creme (aldara (imiquimod)) harm me?

Unlikely (NO) Imiquimod (Aldara (imiquimod)) is a immune response modifier, could be used for genital warts, (other uses for actinic keratosis, superficial basal cell cancers) may be you are reacting to the medication, speak to your doctor.
Not usually. Even when used properly Aldara (imiquimod) can cause mild problems like inflammation in the treated site. Like any medication, Imiquimod when not used correctly or in sensitive individuals can cause more significant side effects like tenderness, scabbing or as in your case, flu like symptoms. Contact the prescribing physician to determine if it is safe to continue your treatment.

I found out that I have genital warts and I am seven months pregnant. Will my baby be harmed?

No. Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus. Which has over 120 different types, all causing different kinds of warts. Most types are benign but some progress to cancer. In pregnancy, the warts can sometimes grow large, but they usually don't cause problems. Most people catch one type of this virus or another. We don't believe genital warts pose any risk to babies during delivery.

What are the signs of invincible genital warts for men?

They are invisible. Some times hpv virus will not show exfoliative lesions (warts) remain dormant on surface seen only by tests, then no signs or symptoms can transmit to the partner.

Are infection rates for genital warts similar for men and women?

Yes. It amy be more difficult to eradicate warts in women although prescription cream is more effective in women for external warts.
Yes. The prevalence rate in men and women is similar. Hpv is also the most common std in the us according to cdc statistics.

If a female has genital warts, can she have oral or intercourse with a man without spreading it to him? What can the do? I would like to know what we can and can't do?

The. The only foolproof way to keep from transmitting or catching genital warts is to avoid sexual contact. Condoms can help decrease the spread, but cannot fully protect you since the warts/virus can be on the skin not covered by the condom. That being said, since condoms reduce the risk they should be used at all times. The hpv virus (the one that causes genital warts) can even be spread when there are no visible warts so often, in an ongoing sexual relationship both partners are infected by the time one of them is diagnosed. For more information, I've attached a great website with tons of information on genital warts. Good luck!