Large breasts for my age (36f in teens)and the nipples have grown quite big to be proportion, if I had a reduction would they make nipples smaller? How?

Depends. If by nipples you are referring to the dark circle of skin (areola) around the 'nipple', then yes, a breast reduction will make them smaller and more proportional to your new smaller and lifted breasts. If your actual protruding nipple is very large, a breast reduction doesn't generally fix that but there are operations that can. Is it a large nipple or large areola?
Yes & no. Standard reduction technique decreases the diameter of the areola but not the nipple itself is unchanged.On the other hand concommitant nipple reduction can certainly easily be done, in my opinion, most advantageously by removal of a sleeve of skin from the sides in most cases, although if the nipple has a cauliflower look, removal of a wedge may be indicated.