Light brown discharge after intercourse for 3 days already and im on birth control. Too soon for my period yet?

Visit your doctor. Although it could be related to minor trauma, it could also be related to : 1- related to pregnancy, contraceptives are not100% safe.Action: need to run urine pregnancy test. 2- spotting/bloody show related to contraceptives use, depend on the contraceptive and the time period you been using. Action: check the related contraceptive instructions provided. 3- infection, malignancy, others: see M.D.

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Brown discharge after intercourse for 3days now. On birth control to soon for period?,

Discharge. It is difficult to determine what the cause is without an exam. I suggest that you see your physician. Read more...

Am I pregnant if I had sex without birth control but he didn't cum? Haven't gotten my period in 2 months but had brown discharge a week after sex.

Need pregnancy test. Sex without protection is like playing "russian roulette". Men can imp regnant with pre-cum containing sperm. This escapes during sex before ejaculation without him even feeling it. That is why the "pull-out" method of birth control doesn't work. So, yes you may be pregnant.Get it checked out asap. Read more...