Hard pea sized lump in the vaginal area just got it today and popped it and puss like stuff came out what could the bump be? It's still really hard.

Bartholin's cyst. The most likely cause is a Bartholin's cyst. The two Bartholin's glands lie next to the entrance to the vagina. They make a small amount of mucus-like fluid. A fluid-filled swelling (a cyst) sometimes develops from a blocked duct that drains the fluid from a Bartholin's gland. Sometimes a gland gets infected, which may then develop into a collection of pus (an abscess). .
Bartholin gland, or. It is either an infected Bartholin gland or hair follicle bump depending upon its' location. A GYN MD can exam you and make the correct conclusion.
Abscess. It sounds like you have an abscess, an infection in the skin or a gland that is filled with pus. You should be seen it may need further draining and antibiotics.