What are symptoms of having a ruptured spleen?

Severe pain. Usually severe l side pain on the abdomen or shoulder pain. Also dizziness due to massive blood loss and flank bruising. It is an emergency! Www. Drlugo. Com.
Pain, bleeding. Most often would be left sided pain. But bleeding can be serious and cause fainting, falling, low blood pressure, fast heart rate, difficulty taking deep breath. It needs to be evaluated emergently.

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What are symptoms of a ruptured spleen?

Abdominal Pain. The spleen is a very vascular organ. Significant trauma may cause internal bleeding within the abdominal cavity. Blood is an irritant to the lining of the abdomen, causing pain wherever the blood may be. While the spleen resides behind the rib cage in the left upper abdomen, the pain can occur wherever the blood goes. If severe, the anemia can cause a rapid heart rate and/or lightheadedness.