Are these always withdrawl symptoms of quitting smoking?

Not always. In my work on this, I've observed that some quit with nothing more than a decision, and experience no withdrawal symptoms. For others, they need a process and lots of support. When I was young, I smoked. What made me quit? My father annoyed the daylights out of me. One day it occurred to me that it would be easier to quit than to deal with his constant bugging me. I had no symptoms at all.

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What are the withdrawl symptoms of quitting smoking for an adult?

Variety. Typical symptoms include tremor, fast heart rate, changes in mood, anxiety and agitation.
Many. Nicotine exploits brain signals associated 'reward'' and feeling 'safe/secure'. This is the same primitive signal we feel with many positive experiences; food when hungry, new love, or even sex activate the same signal. Taking that signal away is very unpleasant. Stopping nicotine leads to the opposite, loss of a sense of security (anxiety), fear, irritability, and eliminates the 'reward' signals.

What are the day-by-day quitting smoking withdrawal symptoms?

Headaches/nausea. Firs few days you may feel hedache and anxiety tingling in hands&feet sweating cold symptoms irritability nasea insomnia mental confusion depression craving for nicotine helplesness.

How can I deal with withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking?

Deal with it. I'm not saying that it's easy to go through acute nicotine withdrawal, but the cold turkey method of quitting is generally considered the most effective way to quit. So if you can get through the few days of withdrawal symptoms, you'll likely kick the habit for good.