I am almost into my 38 weeks of pregnancy, these 2 days I have more braxton hicks but much less fetus movement. Is it normal? Thanks very much

Get in! Hello, and congratulations on making this far in your pregnancy! Fetal movement is an important sign of how the baby is doing. If the baby is not moving, it is very important that you get in right now to make sure everything is ok. You can have the baby monitored and possible and ultrasound to check and see how the baby is doing. Please get in as soon as possible. Good luck!
Likely. This can be normal as long as you are still feeling the baby move. Sometimes as the baby gets big there movements are less pronounced but you certainly should still feel them. If you can not feel the baby kick at least 5-10 times in an hour- get checked out.
Fetal movement. The baby is large and getting ready for delivery. It is hard to move around a lot in such a tight space. The baby slows down and the uterus gets ready to go into labor. So all sounds normal. As long as you feel fetal movements, even if they are way less, it is ok.