Can symptoms of a meniscus tear be confused with plain knee arthritis?

Yes. Some time the patient come to us because of knee pain, after we take MRI we see that he have degenerative tear in the meniscus, most likely started as torn meniscus was not treated then end up with arthritis. Good luck.
Yes. Often a meniscus tear and knee arthritis such as loss of cartilage are seen in the same joint, particularly in older people. In these people they are called degenerative meniscal tears. Symptoms of an acute meniscus tear are swelling, pain, the knee having a catching feeling with bending and restraightening or locking of the knee, also many people report a sense of instability in the knee.

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Can symptoms of meniscus tear be confused with knee arthritis?

Imaging. Many physical symptoms of meniscal tears and arthritis are similar. The best way to know for sure is with an mri. While an x-ray can show narrowing of a joint space that would indicate arthritis, a MRI would be a sure way to rule out a meniscal tear.

Is it possible for a meniscus tear to be confused with knee arthritis or vice versa?

Clinically yes. On mri-no. But many people with arthritis have mild degenerative tears. An acute onset of pain following any number of sporting activities usually will suggest a mechanical acute tear. Both can be associated with fluid on the knee!

I have knee arthritis and a meniscus tear. What should I do?

Knee Pain. What are your symptoms? Does it prevent you from doing activities or activities of daily living. Do you have swelling, locking or giving way. What you due is dependent on your symptoms and how it impacts your life. This includes adaptive exercises, medications, injections and surgery.
Arthritis & meniscus. If mild arthritis with primarily well-defined tear that is causing mechanical symptoms, then scope. If just mild degenerative meniscus without mechanical symptoms (locking, etc), then treat the arthritis primarily.

I do not have knee arthritis but a displaced meniscus root? Which I am thinking is a tear because I have clicking and locking of the knee joint? Help

Torn medial meniscus. Will require surgery, see orthopedic surgeon.
Torn meniscus. It sounds like a classic meniscus tear. This is very common, but most of the time requires surgery to remove the torn segment of the meniscus. Rarely the tear can be repaired. It sounds like you need to see an orthopaedic surgeon.
Surgery. By a root I assume u mean a horn or the ant/post attachment of the meniscus. This is a mechanical abnormality in ur knee & it will require surgery, repair or excision. With each click and locking episode u r damaging the articular surface which will lead @ arthritis if not corrected. Even if it fine 4 a while the damage from the last episode remains so get it taken care of by an orthopedic surgeon.

Is it normal to still have a lot of pain and have trouble walking 2 weeks after knee arthroscopy for a torn meniscus and arthritis clean out?

Not normal, but. Any surgery has a side effects and pain is one of them. After the knee arthroscopy it is expected to have pain up to 3-4 weeks. However, there are many good painkillers for acute pain available. Please, call your surgeon for pain medication adjustment post-op appointment. You should not suffer.