How long do withdrawal symptoms of marijuana last? Do some users not get withdrawal?

Time and dose. Symptoms will depend on frequency and duration of use. Drop in appetite agitation may all be mild signs.

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What are the typical withdrawal symptoms of marijuana?

Time and dose. Symptoms will depend on frequency and duration of use. Drop in appetite agitation may all be mild signs.

Is it possible that I have marijuana withdrawal symptoms after only doing 4 times?

No. No. It is not possible. Please stop using however. Obviously something is not sitting well within your mind or body with the use of this chemical and it would be best to stop while you can. Best wishes for a safe happy healthy and sober holiday season.

I know someone who smokes a lot of marijuana and is trying to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms?

Cannabis withdrawal. May include any of the following: irritability, anxiety, depressed mood, restlessness, insomnia, appetite changes, abdominal pain, sweating, shakiness, fever, chills, headache. These symptoms may begin with in 24 hrs and most peak within 1 week, however sleep problems may last over 1 month. I hope this helps.
Not many symptoms. If the person tapers off the marijuana gradually there should not be a lot of withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes when people stop abruptly they can have some emotional symptoms and fatigue. Usually after a few months they feel much better and have more energy. There are no dangerous withdrawal symptoms from marijuana as there are from alcohol and some other drugs.

What are the withdrawal symptoms from marijuana use?

See below. Increased blood pressure and heartrate, agitation, depression that begins within 24 hrs and can last several weeks.

Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I quit smoking marijuana?

How heavily using. The answer depends to some extent on how heavily and how long you have been smoking marijuana. Also there is considerable individual variation in how severe withdrawal symptoms are. If you have been smoking fairly heavily for six months to a year or more you may have withdrawal symptoms.

Bipolar I smoking marijuana since 1997. Cant quit due to withdrawal symptoms?

Addiction. That is your brain and the disease of addition telling you this. If you cannot stop on your own, then asking your family doctor for help is a great place to start. You very well may need to be in treatment for a bit to get past the withdrawals and to begin to learn how to live clean. It is very much a real possibility and not something that is impossible. I wish you well.