Can nose bleeds be a symptom of leprosy?

Skin lesions. Skin lesions are the primary external sign.[3] left untreated, leprosy can be progressive, causing permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs, and eyes and lack of sensation in taht area infected.
Not commonly. And dr hadied has provided a very nice photo of leonine facies. Leprosy is famous from the bible, and fr damien and moloki as a leper colony. The hansen's bacillus, the organism causing leprosy, damages nerves dominantly, and injury from inability to feel pain.. While it could cause nose bleeds, nose picking is the most common cause, medications (warfarin) and dry mucosa of any etiology higher.
Yes. F leprosy damages the lining of the nose, it can cause frequent nosebleeds and constant stuffiness.

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Someone I know is having a nose bleed for about 20 minutes and he gets these nose bleeds randomly for about 4 days now & can he do anything for this?

He needs testing. Unless there is obvious trauma to the nose, he needs to have blood work, starting with his primary care doctor, to include a cbc, PTT and inr .. Read more...
Blood work. It could be the result of a cold or infection or something more. His doc can do some blood work to see if your friend has difficulty clotting and help if needed. That help could be medicine or diet modification. Read more...

I'm experiencing continuous nose bleeds for the past 3 days, I bleed at least 3 times a day, what's going on? Should I be worried?

Nosebleeds. Hello, nosebleeds occur quite commonly and will usually respond to simple pressure by squeezing the front of the nose. Since it is recurring, go see your doctor or an ENT who may cauterize your nose and rid you of these bleeds. Read more...