What is the lens of the eye?

Crystalline lens. Your eye is a complicated organ system. Inside the front of the eye there is a fluid chamber between the cornea and the colored part of your eye, called the iris. In the center of the iris there is an opening called the pupil and behind that another chamber between the iris and the crystalline lens. The lens is a disc shaped living tissue composed of regularly arranged collagen with a capsule.
Focusing element. The lens sits behind the iris and is responsible for part of the critical focusing of the eye onto the retina. It is in young people a remarkably clear structure looking almost artificial but as time goes on takes on color and debris and eventually mostly with lose transparency and require removal - cataract surgery.
Like a camera lens. Structure inside the eye behind the iris/pupil, the part that bends the light to focus it on the retina or "film, " akin to a camera. The lens is like an m and m candy with a central core and outer shell that is the capsule.

Related Questions

What does the lens of the eye do that is different from the cornea?

Accommodation. Both the cornea and the crystalline lens function to refract the light into eye. The lens also has the additional function of changing shape through accommodation to give you stronger near focus. This process is what allows younger people to read without glasses and why people over 40 need reading glasses as the lens loses it accommodation. Read more...

What abnormalities of the lens of the eye are there?

It varies. This is a difficult question because there are many things which can happen to the lens of the eye. Also it depends on if the question relates to birth defects or acquired issues in the lens of the eye. The eye is very complex and there is not enough space to write about all the lens problems that could exist; however, cataracts are the most common by far. Read more...