Squeezing chest discomfort stays in sternum but radiates to left & right side of chest Cause? HTN PCOS

If you have. these symptoms you should be evaluated by a medical professional immediately. At your age, it's probably benign, but could be any of multiple serious medical conditions,

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Woke up feeling really tired after 7 hrs of sleep, chest discomfort, and a headache cause? History: htn pcos provera (medroxyprogesterone) lisinopril hctz

Getting ill? That is more than likely the cause in someone your age. Especially if you start coughing. There are lots of viruses going around this time of year. Did you get your flu shot yet? That is important too. If it gets worse and you get a high fever you should seek care, otherwise comfort measures are usually the norm for the first few days. Read more...