Diagnosed Hashimoto's Feb'13, on thyroxine since. Test last week show normal TSH, T3, (liothyronine) T4 levels but 12 nodule goitre found. What could the nodules be?

"pseudo" nodules. The typical ultrasound finding of Hashimoto's is "heterogeneous texture". This appears as a very irregular look. As this progresses, one starts to see areas that are darker or lighter than the rest of the thyroid and can look like nodules. However, many times they are not true nodules, and are referred to as "pseudo" nodules. They are typically under 1 cm in size. Above 1 cm, they may need biopsy.
Most people. With under active thyroid have nodules and their disease is multinodular by its nAture as the body in the untreated state struggles to keep the thyroid hormones needed by the body normal these nodules grow to make the hormones! They are benign and won't hurt you.