How effective is radiation therapy in treating pituitary tumors?

85-90% Depending on size, type and proximity to optic nerves a combination of surgery and radiation is used to treat this condition. Radiation can be given as radiosurgery in 1-5 fractions or as fractionated. Control rate is very good.
Very worrisome. The pituitary is located very deep and near to very vital areas. Focused radiation has been tried, but is very difficult to regulate. Direct surgical approach, best through the nose, is more appropriate. Complex array of blood vessels and nerve connections are present around the pituitary that can be permanently damaged by radiation.

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Will I need chemo or radiation therapy? I had a testicular tumor removed a month ago and the whole testis a few days ago. Dont know yet if it spread.

Need path & staging. The answer to your question depends on a couple of factors. First is the final pathology after removal of the testicle. The type of tumor, whether it is benign, seminoma, non-seminoma, or some other type is very important in future management. Second is staging: ct scan of the abdomen, sometimes chest & sometimes head is done to look for spread. These two factors are needed to know your options.
Depends on Pathology. Talk to your surgeon. You will need referral to a oncologist at the earliest to address you concern after the pathology reports are available.

How will radiation therapy for a brain tumor change my facial skin?

None. The treatment is aimed rather precisely toward the tumor and radiation doctors should not allow it to go through your face. The scalp however is different. You will likely lose hair unless the tumor is very small and special techniques like cyberknife are used. If your whole scalp or large areas are treated then hair will most likely temporarily fall and the skin there might get red then heal.
Not much. Radiation effects the organs in its field including skin of the scalp (dryness) and hair (hair loss). It should not effect the skin of the face unless it is near the brain radiation field.
Varies. It depends on the dose. Acutely it may appear to be slightly tanned or inflamed. These concerns should be brought to the attention of your treating radiation oncologist.
It shouldn't. Beams going through the scalp and directed at the brain should not affect the face. If beams travel through the face then they could but typically the face is spared of energy going through it to reach the brain.

Can an ocular melanoma tumor be surgically removed without radiation therapy or removing my eye?

Ask your specialist. That is a very specific question which can't be answered without a lot of information which we can't share in a forum like this. Seek out an institution and physician team with experience in ocular melanoma. Best wishes!
It all depends. Your question can have many different answers depending on the details of your particular case. I would recommend speaking directly with the doctors involved with your case. Here are websites that can provide you with more info. Http://www. Ocularmelanoma. Org/ http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/melanoma/ocular. Html.

Can you please tell me the radiation points on the head for a pituitary tumor?

Varies. The radiation oncologist will formulate a treatment plan from imaging of the tumor. Radiation is now usually given from multiple angles to minimize exposure to normal tissues and maximize exposure to the tumor.