Is amoxicillin an antibiotic of choice for tick bites?

It can be. Hello. The recommended treatment depends on symptoms, allergies, and the region you live in. Doxycycline is most widely used for tick bites, but amoxicillin is a good alternative, especially if you are allergic to doxycycline. .
Generally, no. . If you are concerned about possible infection with Lyme disease you really should see your doctor. The drug of choice is doxycycline. Other antibiotics can be used if there are contraindications to doxycycline. Please read the documents connected to the link below:
No. If your doctor has decided you meet the criteria for prophylactic antibiotic treatment after a definite tick bite, the antibiotic of choice is typically one dose of doxycycline.
Tick bites. Currently, treating tick bites without any suggestion of lyme disease is not recommended. Amoxicillin is an acceptable treatment for lyme disease.
Abx for tick bite. Most tick bites cause a local reaction (redness, itching, minor swelling) that goes away on its own and does not require antibiotics. If someone has an enlarging rash, fever, aches, nausea or other signs of general illness, a doctor has to decide if antibiotic coverage is warranted. In those less common cases, doxycycline is usually used to cover for rickettsia and Lyme disease.
Depends. Tick may carry Lyme disease. If you are concerned about Lyme, Doxycycline would antibiotic of choice. If you are treating local reaction, Amoxicillin may suffice.