What type of pain management treatment can a pain management specialist provide for chronic ankle injury to Anterior Tibialis and Post Tibial tendons.

Multi modal treatmen. Here is usual algorithms: Pain meds, trigger point injections, PT, desensitization therapy, regional blocks if nothing works then nerve stimulator.
Specialist can help. A pain management physician treats the pain of something that is not otherwise treatable or curable. If you have problems with your tendons, you should see an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist before determining that your problem is unsolvable. You may require casting, orthotics, or surgery for correction of the problem rather than pain medication.
Chronic Pain. I would assume you have seen an orthopedic surgeon, and you have taken anti-inflamatories and even done physical therapy. I am also assuming your doctor referred you to a Pain Management specialist and in that case the specialist will have many treatment options for you and your life style.