How do you use condoms without suffocating your penis?

Proper sizing. There are a variety of different sizes among the available products. If you feel "suffocated" by what you use, invest in some other brands until you find one that fits better. It should fit tight enough not to leak, but without giving you pain. Your penis doesn't need to breathe, but you do need a proper size or you won't use it.
Luckily... Penises don't require underwater breathing apparatuses & won't suffocate when cloaked with a condom. It is not a matter of having a long breath hold capacity either - they aren't even air breathers. SO, don't let fears of suffocation prevent you from properly protecting your penis.
My one. Agree with Dr. Ferguson. You may try to get condoms from "My One" suitable for your size.
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Practice safe sex, if you have sex.