Related Questions

I feel rlly bloated and uncomfortable because I couldnt go one morning. Should I take stool softener tonight or prune juice?

Prune juice. I think prune juice would be a good way to start, particularly if it has worked for you in the past. If this happens to you frequently, I would try to increase the amount of fiber that you take in, and also increase the amount of your fluid intake. Good luck.

I think my 1 year old son could benefit from stool softener. Is there a natural remedy or OTC product I can give him? Will prune juice do the trick?

Prune juice / karo. You can try some prune juice or karo syrup. You can give a tablespoon for every 4 oz of milk. Less or more depending on stool frequency.

I've been constipated for about a week and a half now. I've tried Miralax, prune juice, stool softeners, magnesium citrate, lactulose, coffee and drin

Constipation.. Are you uncomfortable? Are you having any abdominal pain? Are you distended in your abdomen? I would think that at this point you should see a doctor and at least have an x-ray of your abdomen. More than a week is a bit long to not have a bowel movement.