Has anyone ever used witch hazel on stasis dermatitis?

Probably. I'm sure someone has, since it seems to have been tried on virtually everything by someone. However, stasis dermatitis is caused by sluggish blood flow in the veins of the legs due to breakdown of valves in those veins; witch hazel is not going to have any effect on that. See a dermatologist for an effective treatment plan.

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Will witch hazel help on severe stasis dermatitis?

Stasis. Although extensive work has been completed in the study of treatment of venous ulcers, no large, well-controlled trials examine the treatment of stasis dermatitis. The overall mainstay of treatment has always been aimed at lessening the clinical impact of the underlying venous insufficiency, which is typically accomplished with compression therapy. Read more...

Please tell me about using witch hazel on severe stasis dermatitis?

Sm temporary effect. Witch Hazel provide very small mild effect to stasis dermatitis but the agent also can be drying which can lead to more irritation long term. The best long term results will be to completely treat the venous stasis by treating the underlying venous insufficiency. See a vein expert for this. Other ointment such A and D ointment or 1% hydrocortisone ointment may also be helpful. Hope this helps. Read more...