How often can I take vitamin C supplement? Thank you doctors.

Lets review your que. vitamin C is water-soluble so the amount you take in will not affect you or your health. Daily C is good enough.
Once a Day. Once a day should be sufficient. Be careful not to take too much Vitamin C (or any vitamin) as there can be toxicity and other complications at too high of a dose (such as kidney stones).
Several. Times a day if you like but it's not recommended . The body actually will excrete out excess vitamin c in the urine. However if you take massive doses of vitamin c for a long time your body can get used to it and abruptly stopping it has been known to cause scurvy .

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Can any doc explain if vitamin C supplements make you more prone to illness once you stop taking them?

Vitamin C. helps boost immunity so we are a little less likely to catch a cold when taking it. If we stop we loose that extra protection but it does not leave us weaker than before we started taking C. If you take C, be sure to take it in two doses rather than one since it only lasts about 12 hours in our body. Peace and good health. Read more...