Teen pregnancy symptoms? How should I tell my parents? Can precum get you pregnant if the penis is inside the vagina?

Pregnancy. Please go to a clinic to get properly tested for pregnancy. At 16, you are very likely to get pregnant . Telling your parents will be difficult but is very important so you can make the right choice about what to do.
Lots of ??? There are sperm in pre-cum and any unprotected intercourse can get you pregnant.The "pull out method" is really not worth the effort. A pregnancy test can often be found at the dollar store and would begin to become positive as soon as you are late.Communicate your concerns with your parents.If anything, they would want to know anything that causes you stress.They need to know your sexually active.

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Is there a chance of pregnancy if penis was a little wet with pre-ejaculate and touched a little above the vagina?

VeryVerySmallChance. Pre Cum do contain some sperms and if it came in contact with the vaginal opening there is a remote possibility.But if it was above and away from the opening then it will not be possible.To be 100% safe you can take PlanB or just wait for your periods to come.In future practice safe sex. Read more...