Is non-allergic rhinitis common in asthma? Cough and mild wheezing are the only symptoms of asthma. No allergies- constant runny nose

All connected. In Chinese medicine, your lungs are connected to your entire respiratory system, including your lungs, your throat, your bronchial tubes, and your nose. So if your lungs are weak in something like asthma it would be likely that you'd also have a runny nose. It means that you need some strengthening of your lungs, and you should probably quit smoking.
Allergy and asthma. Up to 80% of asthmatics in the US has positive allergy testing. We call it allergic asthma. You therefore must be in the other non allergic asthma category. Pollution, occupational allergens, aspirin sensitivity, disorder of the immune system, cystic fibrosis can all cause asthma. Discuss it further with a local allergist.
Yes. Upper airway Dz (rhinitis) and lower airway Dz (asthma) may be a single entity. They are both the result of an inflammatory process. Up to 80% of asthmatics have rhinitis. Upper and lower airway Dz are related. Asthma can cause rhinitis and rhinitis can cause asthma. Meds that improve asthma improve rhinitis and visa versa. Better control of asthma will improve rhinitis.
Non allergic . Hello. Yes, both allegic and non-allergic rhinitis are common in asthma. It's the mucosal or airway lining that gets inflamed that causes your lower airways to swell and change function. This in turn causes wheezing and asthma. Don't forget that as a smoker, you have another trigger for breathing problems. Quit smoking and follow up with your doctor for evaluation, workup and treatment.