Should I do Atkins or slim fast? I need a diet to where I eat same food everyday. OCD issues

Diet. Your doctor and a nutritionist can construct a proper diet for you. Seek their help.
? Slim fast is really high carbs. I always seem to get hungry quickly doin it.
Medifast. If you want low carb, low fat , low calary simple meal replacement system where you can also eat real food every day check out Medifast with coaching system take shape for life ( TSFL)
Slim fast. The Slim Fast diet program is pretty good. They were one of the very first to recognize that calories intake to lose weight depends on height. The drinks have a great deal of fiber in them: I suggest using the drinks and making your own snacks of 100 to 150 calories between meals & dinner, Then you can practice calorie counting and pick foods you like for those snacks (avoid high protein snacks)
You need to work with . A doctor. The type of medications you're on and the fact that you have a medical history of OCD means that it would be wise to consult your doctor, or PCP to decide which type of diet would be best. Slim fast is not a great alternative. You would do much better with something that allows you to lose weight steadily and easily depending on how many pounds you feel you need to lose. We don't have Your weight or height included.