What is the difference between radiography and radiation therapy for cancer?

Diagnose vs treat. Radiography means using x-ray beams to create an image that helps diagnose diseases including cancer. Chest x-rays and ct scans are common examples. Radiation therapy uses much higher powered radiation beams that are focused on cancer tumors. These radiation beams are designed to kill the cancer cells.
Diagnostic vs Treat. Radiology (uses radiography) to diagnose and evaluate the tissues and organs in the body. Radiation therapy uses radiation to treat cancers (and occasionally benign conditions.).

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Can you explain the main difference between treating cancer with radiation therapy and treating cancer with chemotherapy?

Radiation vs chemo. Radiation therapy is giving high-energy x-rays to tumors in a focal area of the body, causing dna damage in cancer cells. Chemotherapy is a medication commonly delivered intravenously or orally that then works throughout the body to kill cancer cells. Read more...