Are there any suppliments that actually promote Prostate health?

Maybe. It has been suggested that lycopene found in tomatoes and in OTC supplements may be beneficial. First thing you should do is have your family physician do a digital rectal prostate exam to make sure your prostate feels normal. Stay away from advertised "medications" that sound too good to be true.
Data seems negative. and all the other reviews of sal palmetto say the same....doesn't seem to work. In theory the prostate uses a lot of zinc and there is a weak association between zinc, selenium and/or vitamin D deficiency with prostate problems. But not really any data on them. Best data would be fat, dietary, and BEING fat aren't good for you or your prostate.
Don't think so. There is no evidence base data to support supplements will prevent Prostate cancer, a study was published in 2004 which showed the people with Prostate cancer were taking more supplement than the people with no Prostate cancer, interesting, han?