Experiencing foot pain? See podiatry or foot ortho?

See someone. If you're having pain, get into a physician to be evaluated.
Either. Seek a recommendation from a trusted source such as your family, friends and also your pcp. Also, look for board certification.
Podiatrist. But remember as a podiatrist I am bias.
Podiatrist or. An orthopedic physician who specializes in the foot and ankle.
Either. Both are qualified.
Either. Both doctors will be able to help you. I am prone to recommend a podiatrist, since that is my profession.
Podiatry. Podiatric surgeons are experts in the care of foot and ankle skin, soft tissue and bone disorders. Your podiatrist can give you advice in surgical and none surgical care options for nearly all foot and ankle concerns from toenails to fractures to warts to reconstructive surgery.
Podiatry. Is probably the better choice. It's all we do whereas Ortho treats the whole body and doesn't specialize in foot and ankle unless they have done that specific fellowship in their training.
Both can help. I would see a podiatrist if you were to chose to see an orthopedist, I would recommend seeing one that has extensive experience in the foot and ankle.